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Augmented reality is the real-time superposition of digital elements on reality. Thanks to this blend, you can rediscover your environment like never before.

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Content enrichment

Augmented reality is a digital experience that lets you add virtual data to real-world environment, through a smartphone or a tablet. The introduction of virtual elements is done in real time and in a well-defined environment. The possibilities are endless: integrate sounds, images or videos in real time, exactly as you wish!

Easy to set up

Augmented reality does not require much equipment except a portable screen (smartphone or tablet). Today, the majority of people have a smartphone, which increases the reach of this technology and makes it accessible to the greatest number of people.

For what purpose?

The use of augmented reality can be done in a multitude of fields. For example, augmented reality can be used in tourism, events or team building. Its use can therefore be used for prevention, training, advertising or simply entertainment.

More affordable

Augmented reality is more affordable than virtual reality while offering an innovative system that guarantees a "wow" effect. Social interaction is also facilitated by the extremely large potential user base.

Tempted by the idea?

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Discover our achievements in AR


The request:

As part of its participation in a trade fair, BHC asked Hellion Cat to develop an augmented reality application. The aim was to encourage visitors to interact with a city model displayed on their stand.

By scanning different parts of the model made up of small figurines, replicas of buildings, tools or vehicles, visitors could obtain various information about what the scanned parts represented. Once they had scanned all the interactive elements of the model, visitors automatically entered a contest to win a smartphone.


The result:

In the end, BHC was very satisfied with the application and ready to use it at other shows.

The main challenge was to ensure that the scanning of the model figures worked smoothly. Light being the main source of potential problems, we have never the less found solutions to achieve this through many trial and error through out the project.

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