editionAre you a board game author? We're a publisher!

After the success of Cat'astrophes, we decided to open our publishing activity to authors from outside the studio. We can therefore share our experience and our network of partners to help you develop a great board game!

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Benefit from our experience

At Hellion Cat, in addition to our video game business, we are also a board game publisher!

We already work with several distributors, we have already succeeded in several projects on Kickstarter. We like to make beautiful games and we will ardently defend the games we publish.

Our editorial line is as follows:

  • Category atmosphere, family and family + (no expert games)
  • Small games (range 20 to 30€ in store)
  • Fast games 10 to 40 minutes maximum
  • Playable from at least 3 players
  • Target age, min 7-8 years, max 10-12 years
  • Light in material, no figurines etc.
  • Clever but thoughtful games

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comment faireQuelques conseils

1. N’illustrez pas votre prototype, nous avons nos propres illustrateurs
2. Privilégiez la mécanique au thème, nous pourrions changer celui-ci si nécessaire
3. Nous aimons les jeux pouvant être revêtu d’un thème attrayant

Si nous refusons un jeu, c’est en général parce qu’il ne colle pas assez à notre ligne éditoriale ou que nous n’avons plus de place à moyen termes pour des jeux supplémentaires. Dans tous les cas, nous vous enverrons un feedback.

Submit your game to us

You are a board game author, and you want to submit your project to us, here is an explanation:


We ask you to provide us with a few lines of pitch summarizing your game, the complete rules, written rules or a short explanatory video.

2. IF THE IDEA seduces us, we will contact you

You will then have to send us by post, a prototype of your game or a Print & Play if the material is simple.


If our tests carried out on the Internet by our team are conclusive, we will be able to discuss a possible edition. If not, we will explain why your game was not selected.

Propose your project to us

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