We are hellioncatReactivity - Reliability - Aesthetics

The Hellion Cat team currently has 5 employees. All are passionate and concerned with your full satisfaction. We are complementary. We train every week to be at the forefront of the sector. We can meet increasingly ambitious challenges.

We are so responsive that you will have the impression that your project will be carried out internally. We make it a point of honour to meet deadlines, and you always come first! Thanks to the synergies within the team, we also have an excellent quality/price ratio.

These qualities have enabled us to become, for example, a partner of choice for Fishing Cactus, one of Belgium's leading game development studios.

Discover our creations

Our storyThe genesis of Hellion Cat

"Ludovic was only 12 years old when he wanted to start creating video games. At the time, the Internet was only developing, and without knowing where to start, he put this desire aside without losing his taste for games.

A few years later, after a brief stint as an employee, armed with a master's degree in management sciences and a master's degree in human resources management, he decided to make his dream come true. He trained in programming, graphics and video game development to start a freelance career.

In 2016, Ludovic created his own game studio thanks to his successes in other companies.

Today, Hellion Cat offers its many services to companies and institutions that want to create fun experiences. Thanks to its enthusiastic team, Hellion Cat is constantly pushing the limits and improving day after day"

Our values: Continuous improvement, Proactivity, Efficiency, Creativity, Team spirit

Our dnaA culture above all

At Hellion Cat, well-being at work is a crucial and omnipresent element. We use agile principles in the bimonthly evaluation of our employees and we try to gamify our meetings and other processes. Personal development, autonomy and initiative are strongly encouraged.

Our philosophy: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. "Confucius

It is thanks to our positive attitude and values that we can offer you an impeccable service.

a know-howOur experience at your service

At Hellion Cat, we put our expertise at your service to create innovative play experiences. Games that reflect your image, according to your needs, for maximum impact on your messages. Our guarantees:


Our developments are carried out by professionals. Everything we create has a meticulous graphic design, even on the most minimalist projects. Your objectives are also our objectives.


We prefer to work overtime and cancel our holidays rather than postpone your project. We take our responsibilities and guarantee a one-year curative maintenance.


We are the most responsive on the market to take care of you, submit you an offer and provide follow-ups once the project has been launched.

Let's discuss your project

We are creativeOur creation process

1. The meeting

We conduct a meeting to identify your needs and those of your targets.

2. The idea

We offer you an idea of mechanics and style of play.

3. Draft

If the idea appeals to you, we create a first version after a team brainstorming.

4. Prototyping

We produce a first prototype of your project.

5. Tests

We perform internal and/or external game tests according to your needs.

6. Realization

We move on to the realization part of your project.

7. Delivery

We propose the result and adapt it if necessary.

We are enthusiastOur dynamic team

Jennifer Vancoillie

CEO assistant

Sophie Garcia

Visionary Artist

Eleanor Ernaelsteen

Aesthetic Dreamcatcher

Jérémy Leclef

unity games specialist

Dylan Vandewalle

Web Games specialist

Ludovic Mahieu

ceo & fun factory

Olivier Griffet


We are reliableDiscover the Hellion Cat work experience!

We work with Hellion Cat because they are a professional, flexible, human-sized and available team!

Bruno Urbain, Fishing Cactus

Hellion Cat is a very serious company. They put the customer first and keep their promises. They have my trust!

Pierre, Transport & Environnement

A great company that listens to our requests and always respects deadlines.

Amélie Jacquemin, UCL Mons

We were quickly seduced by the dynamism of the team. Ludovic mastered one of the key elements of our project, accounting, thanks to his master's degree in management sciences and his experience.

Marc Deschamps, Exego SCRL

EditionYou wish to have your game published?

Hellion Cat has also started publishing board games. Ludovic is the author of Cat'astrophes, and Owly Tribe. After the success of these two games, we wanted to open our doors to outside authors.

We have acquired real expertise in this sector through various projects.


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