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Many university studies have proven the effectiveness of gaming as a tool for education and communication. That's how serious game appeared. However, it often faces a balance issue: either it is too serious, or too game.

If it is too serious, the positive effect of gaming as a freely consented playful activity is lost, so commitment is lower. If it is too much game, your messages will pass on in a less relevant way, and your ROI will be lower.

What about gamification? It is the use of the game codes to reinforce a serious experience. Think of the badges, scores and so on that are increasingly reinforcing our daily applications. The goal is to get people back into the program more often, and to have a better initial hook.

That's why at Hellion Cat we talk about smart games. The smart game is the right balance between the serious and the game side. For us, the game must be a complement, perfectly integrated among the other supports. Thanks to this mindset, we offer you an optimal ROI for your project. 

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4 advantages of virtual reality (VR) in recruitment

Virtual reality (VR) has been very popular in recent years. Mainly used in gaming and entertainment, it also supports various fields in the business world.

Have the cards in your hand: insert gamification into your communication strategy!

It is no longer to be proven, serious games and gamification are powerful communication tools when it comes to engaging the consumer. Gamification is interfering everywhere and is a real success in many areas. So why not integrate it into your communication strategy?

Virtual reality (VR) in training

As its name suggests, virtual reality plunges you into a digital world and cuts you off from reality. In most cases, you only need a VR headset and a smartphone. Once you have this headset in front of your eyes, you can move your head, make movements and even move around. Although virtual reality is used in many fields, it only finds a real purpose in documentaries or video games. But virtual reality tends to develop more in the professional context.

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