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A mobile game is a game developed specifically for smartphones and tablets. Today, no one walks around without a phone in their pocket or in their handbag. In public transport, in a waiting room, in your sofa... Most smartphone or tablet owners have already launched a fun application to pass the time. What if you used this opportunity to promote a product, a service, or to train your staff?

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Can be used anywhere, anytime

Mobile games are very easy to use and are ideal for short game sessions, on public transport or in a waiting room...

No internet connection required

Once the game is downloaded, it no longer requires an internet connection to be used. Convenient for people on the move who do not have access to an internet connection.

Intuitive devices

Everyone uses a smartphone, take advantage of this huge potential user base. The mechanics of the game will quickly be assimilated and the message all the more effective!

For communication, training, or entertainment...

Beyond simple entertainment, mobile games can also serve other more utilitarian functions such as training or corporate communication. Indeed, a playful and didactic application will find its place in the devices of people with time to kill. Brands using this type of support to promote their products are also numerous and given the rate of commitment these applications generate, it’s easy to understand why!

Tempted by the idea?

All these examplesinspire you? Embark on the adventure of mobile gaming to achieve your communicationor training objectives and contact us!  

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BHC is a computer services company specializing in, among other things, the support and maintenance of network configurations. We have created for them an application in augmented reality for use in fairs.

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Top Memo

Top Memo is a fun brain training application available on Android & iOS. It's a daily workout designed to improve your cognitive functions with mini-games!

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