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On a browser or installed on a machine, computer games are a worldwide success. Due to their variety and effectiveness, they reach a wide audience and also allow many different uses. These include: recruitment, training, education and communication.

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Web games

Browser-based games, or web games, are very easy to use, widely available and do not require any specific equipment, except for what 80% of Europeans have at their disposal: the Internet. This makes web games accessible on many media: computer, smartphone or tablet. However, there are two options: HTML 5 games and WebGL games.

HTML5 games

HTML 5 is a development language that allows you to create small web games. Since they are very lightweight, it is very easy to integrate them into an existing website and make a mobile version! This is the case of Zero Emission Snake, a game we made for Transport & Environment to encourage the use of electric vehicles. Try it here!

WebGL games

WebGL is a set of tools that allows you to create more complex and richer graphical experiences than HTML 5 games, especially through the use of 3D. Although the graphics are much more advanced, this method requires a dedicated web page and is often too greedy for a mobile version. For the European Union, we have created Cultural Heritage Detective, a serious educational game to promote European cultural heritage. This is a WebGL quiz that you can discover here.

PC games

More sophisticated andcomplete, desktop games that require an installation offer a longer game experienceto users. In addition to the sometimes much more sophisticated graphics, thereare also complex mechanisms and a more advanced gameplay.

Tempted by the idea?

All these examples inspire you? Embark on the adventure of the PC game to achieve your communication, recruitment or training objectives and contact us!

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Discover our realizations on PC

Hungry Cat

Hungry Cat is a game that we use to make contests. The game can also be restored to your image in order to promote your brand. Our advergame is available for PC, Web and mobile (app).

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Learning accounting is not always fun. Mr. Deschamps' ambition with Simulco is to change that!

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Zero Emission Snake

Transport & Environment promotes sustainable means of transport, particularly via electric vehicles. As part of a promotional campaign around a European vote, they asked us for a remake of Nokia's famous game 'Snake'.

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Water Matters

Made for KULeuven & ULiège, Water matters is a water management game for arid countries. It is intended to be used in courses at both universities but also in a MOOC.

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